A Lot Like Birds      

Conversation Piece Cola LP

• Limited To 1000 Worldwide
• Cola Vinyl
• Digital Download Card Inside

Vinyl colors in mockups are not actual representations of vinyl - Actual vinyl color will vary.
Shipping date subject to change.

  1. Orange Time Machines Care
  2. Think Dirty Out Loud
  3. Vanity's Fair
  4. Properties Of Friction
  5. Truly Random Code
  6. Abbr.
  7. The Blowtorch Is Applied To The Sugar
  8. A Satire Of A Satire Of A Satire Is Tiring
  9. Sesame Street Is No Place For Me
  10. Tantrum (Far From The Tree, The Apple Grew Rotten)
  11. What Didn't Kill Me Just Got Stronger

Equal Vision Records ID: 190209 Catalog ID: 1796 SKU: ALLBE269BR-LP00 Created: 11/25/2014
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